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Post Harvest Crop Protection

Today, the annual loss, from insects, of stored grain and crops world-wide, amounts to approximately 2 billion USD (or 30 million tonnes) – enough to feed over 150 million people! Besides this loss, insects from tropical and sub-tropical regions are transported along with the grain to infest the host country. The most effective way to combat these threats is fumigation.

National Fumigants provides a range of products and services to the post-harvest crop-protection industry.  In particular, the fumigant Phosphine, from Aluminium Phosphide, is sold. (Phosphine is an economical, effective, easy-to-use fumigant, which has proved itself over the past decades. It controls pests in grain, flour, plant products, processed food and other stored commodities such as timber. It can be used in silos, bunkers and ships. It is safe to handle if simple precautions are followed.  It penetrates well into the stored grain material and does not leave any toxic residue.)

Our close links with the manufacturing operation ensure that we have a strong input in the quality, design and packaging of our products. We can formulate and pack to the individual requirements of our clients. Our products are used by bulk handlers and certified fumigators.

Our employees have extensive technical knowledge of the industry in general; our products and the practical application of them. This knowledge has been built up through formal qualifications and over 20 years of experience.